Body, Mind, Spirit Wellness Services 

With my Body, Mind and Spirit Wellness Healing Services, my goal is to help you gain a clearer perspective on your unique life journey, your current path and any challenges you may be facing.  

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ENERGY HEALING with Intuitive Reading & Life Coaching  $90  
Energy Healing is a tool I use to help alleviate any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual stress.  It is a gentle and safe hands-on healing practice that helps to remove energy blocks in our system.   During an Energy Healing session I use my intuition as a guide to connect me to your areas of imbalance that may be holding you back from achieving perfect health of mind, body and spirit. 
I complete the healing session by offering guidance through Life Coaching to help you move forward in your healing process.   

I have had the good fortune to have had several sessions with Vera, and I am still amazed at her ability to get to the heart of what I am working on and to help me clear blocks that have been holding me back.  For me, her greatest strength is her ability to create impromptu meditations that help me connect with a deeper part of myself, so I can find answers that truly resonate. Vera also has a very calm and peaceful presence that helps me feel safe when we’re working together. She holds the Light in a beautiful way and continues to provide me with loving and very helpful support and guidance.  Thank you, Vera!   -Anne N., Cary, NC.

My experience with Vera and the Life Coach sessions was one of many revelations. Firstly, I had no idea how to meditate and visualize what I'd like to "see" as a possible outcome with one of the assignments.  Her confidence along with intuitive wisdom put me at ease and I was able to address and implement creative and positive practices to guide me to a solution with confidence.  Her meditations were calming and helped me get to the core of the issues I was struggling with.  I am clearly on the road to success with Vera's guiding Light. She is without a doubt very competent with her ability to guide the client using their own insight and understanding to successfully get to the heart of the matter and achieve their intended goals.  Thank you, Vera! -Ana F., Carlsbad, CA

Vera has helped me discover that I have the capability to do anything and everything, and be the person I am when I did not really understand who that was. Her voice is incredibly soothing, and her energy just made me feel so safe. Inner children need safety when we were unable to get it at home, and her nurturing and warmth is so accepting, I felt accepted. I knew I could be real and tell her anything. She walked me through many avenues and helped me see myself and my gifts. Being hard to listen to that, because I have always wanted to please others. She validated me but each time I spoke with her, she helped me more, encouraged me more and she is the reason I am pushing myself to new heights. Not only is Vera a gift from our Creator, but she is a gift to humanity. She has helped me tremendously.  I could not recommend her enough.   -Kristen C.,  New York, NY